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23.04.2016 13:45 | Банк: Ідея Банк

Publication of the Getin Holding Group financial results for 2015


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Важливі моменти важливі для українських клієнтів:

Ukraine | Key performance factors continue to grow for the fourth quarter in a row

• another quarter saw the retail loans sales volume grow, showing y/y growth by 11.2%

• positive monthly financial result since 08.2015 (excl. one-off events)

Determinants for y/y change in performance:

• the decrease in the net interest income was affected by the depreciation of eastern currencies (PLN -53.3 m), and the change in profitability forced by the regulator in Belarus, as well as the shrinking sales volume(the market shrank by c. 1/4), and higher cost of financing in Russia;

• the increase in the net fees and commissions income results from high dynamics of sale in Poland;

• operating expenses - were increasing in Poland and Romania due to the business expansion; - eastern companies adopted reduction programmes scaling business to the market conditions;

the decrease in costs of provisions results from limited sale (Ukraine, Belarus, Russia) and depreciation of eastern currencies;

improved risk parameters in Ukraine, Belarus, and Romania;

• PLN 31.8m worth EM-consolidated net profit generated by Getin Leasing (49.28% interest).

Events that had an adverse impact on the performance in Q4'2015:

• contributions to the Bank Guarantee Fund, contribution to the debtors supporting fund, and the provision for restructuring, net impact of PLN -33.7 m (refers to Idea Bank, Poland),

additional ATO and Crimean provisions, net impact of PLN - 2.8 m, in the entire year PLN -7.4 m (refers to Idea Bank Ukraine),

• sale of the old loans portfolio and making additional provisions, according to the regulator's requirements, net impact: PLN -11.8 m (refers to Idea Bank Romania)